How it works
It's simple. just give price from today

Publisher, Your Studio

1 Upload photos

Upload any photo files you are going to sell.
Supported formats - JPG, PNG, TIFF, etc. Read more....

2 Set price

Give price to photos that you want to sell

  • You can set $0 also, but recommend for free or package included photo only.
  • You can set different price for each photo
    1 ~ 3 type price policy is recommended to make client having desicon easily.

3 Set subscriber(client)

We are providing private access page for each customer, and it is sent to client's email.
The email includes below

  • Name of client
  • Email address
  • Access link
  • Secret key (temporay password)

4 Publish sales page and send an email

Your customer can access sales page and purchase photos after you open sales page.

When you publish sales page, guiding email will be sent automatically.
You don’t need to care of privacy, security and protect your content by your own.
{ServiceContext.serviceName} is going to handle all background process instead of you.

Your all photos are protected by watermark until your customer purchase them.

Subscriber, Your Client

1 Receive inviting email and access sales page

Client will recive inviting mail to access sales page.
Client are starting shopping since she/he signed in with secret key included in the email.

2 Start shopping by choosing photos

Customer will start shopping by choosing some photos they want to buy.
Watermark is printed on preview during shopping to protect your photo before purchase.

{ServiceContext.serviceName} helps to make client have purchase decision easily by Photo Election Assist System.
It guides what photos are good for the client, as a result, your customer make a desicison more easily and it leads you have maximizing your renuve.

3 Confirm and pay

Client can pay with

  • Credit / Debit card
  • Deposit bank account

※Service region may have difference.

4 Download

Customer can download only photos they purchased.
You don't need to explin how to use the digital photos anymore since they were purchased.

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